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Our Methodology for Human Resources Outsourcing

USAITCENTER offers the comprehensive range of services you would expect from an HR outsourcing firm, but stands out by organising its services along industry lines. For customers in healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, non-profit or other industries that may have special needs in setting up benefits and administrative functions, USAITCENTER offers specific industry knowledge. They offer strong reporting capabilities, and can connect to QuickBooks as well as employer HR dashboards. The live chat function is highly regarded, although online reviews have reported difficulties with customer service and transparency.


To find the human resources outsourcing solutions for small businesses, we began by talking to business owners themselves, as well as some of the professionals who advise them. We asked them who their outsourcing provider is, what services they choose to outsource, what informed their choice of provider, what they love about outsourcing, and what they wish they could change. We discovered, not surprisingly, that error free processing is a key issue. Business owners also value customer service (particularly live chat options), online functionality, and the ability to pick and choose the activities they choose to outsource.


We also did extensive research online, reading hundreds of consumer reviews and complaints, and poring through numerous review web sites. Then we narrowed down our list of PEOs to the most commonly mentioned names.


we scrutinised each company's website to compare and contrast the options offered. We watched their tutorial videos and reviewed the customer resources offered by each.


Based on our research, we developed these criteria, which we used to evaluate each outsourcing company.
* Ease of use
* On-site assistance
* À la carte service offerings
* Long-term contract required
* Customer service
* Live chat
* Online support materials
* Pricing transparency
* Flexibility of terms
* Mobile app